It is always a shock to be confronted with a gross misconduct claim. The thought of immediate dismissal with no notice and a bad reference is not pleasant. Many issues come into play. We are sensible and will always give you a realistic overview on the strength of your defence to gross misconduct and the likely outcomes.
Recent cases where we achieved a successful outcome include

Query over expenses

Negotiating on behalf of a director dismissed for gross misconduct for claiming the reimbursement of his partner’s hotel bill, for which he was not entitled to claim. During the negotiations it transpired that the true reason for his dismissal was that the other directors no longer wanted him on the board. We were able to negotiate an enhanced settlement agreement which reflected his current remuneration package.

Performance alleged to amount to gross misconduct

Our client was in a senior position within an investment bank. He was accused to taking long boozy lunches.  We persuaded the employer that this was not gross misconduct.  Our client kept his job.

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