From set up to sale and all that lies between - we resolve the issues

How can we help you?


Our largest practice area is corporate & commercial law. The changing business environment brings you new opportunities. And, challenges for you. 

The Gannons team supports you at every stage of your journey. We enable you to select most appropriate business structure, manage recruitment, motivate key people, and protect your assets. We put the legal regulatory framework of corporate law into commercial workable solutions.

Our typical client profile

We focus on private companies and owner managed businesses. We work with all people who contribute: directors, shareholders and investors.

  • With partnerships we can work with the business or its individual partners.
  • When the business is being sold we can work with either the seller or the purchaser.

Our experience gained over the years in dealing with commercial law matters helps us to spot the likely issues quickly. We draw on ideas using the knowledge of how we have resolved similar questions in the past.

Our approach to solving problems

We know that legal advice is expensive. We also know that to deliver value we need to be proportionate in expending legal costs. Our style is to be directional and lead you to the best decision.  We prefer not to offer choices which can be confusing. We know you will rely on our expertise and trust us to direct you – that is a responsibility we do not shirk.

You will always have a senior solicitor managing your case and available to speak to you. We also have a team of juniors because that keeps costs down.

Offering the knowledge to see the bigger picture

Often a problem does not arise in isolation. We offer a broad commercial skill set covering the most frequently experienced business problems so you will not be isolated.

What’s more, we’re not just lawyers. The Gannons team includes experienced Chartered Tax Advisors and Chartered accountants, adding a depth and breadth of advice rarely found in boutique firms.

Our track record in adding value

Here’s some core areas where we add value as corporate law experts:

Setting-up the business structure

From a holding company to a new subsidiary to a conversion of a partnership to limited company status we can deal with the corporate law issues arising. We look at the commercial requirements and corporate law structure for the holding of shares, payment of dividends and return of profits.

Drafting employment contracts

For directors and employees. Employee share options is a particular expertise, and we regularly advise on the full range of tax-efficient share-plans available. For more information on these topics press the following links:

Attracting investment

Particularly under SEIS and EIS schemes, which offer investors significant tax benefits. What’s more, we know how to exit an investment tax-efficiently. We work with many angel investors from both the UK and other jurisdictions. For more information on these areas press the following links:

Review of a commercial agreement

Before the commercial agreement is signed preferably. We understand few business people want lawyers slowing the process of signing a commercial agreement. We take a pragmatic approach given the particular circumstances and specific risk points. For more information on these areas press the following links:

Company acquisition

our service can encompass all aspects of corporate law under a corporate acquisition, from review of the heads of terms, share purchase agreement, negotiating appropriate warranties and indemnities and managing due diligence. Having dealt with so many corporate acquisitions in the past we are able to tell you what is typical and reasonable and what is not – our clients tell us that is particularly helpful in practice. For more information on our services please visit:

Planning company sales

We will lay the groundwork for a successful sale and work out the best terms for you, personally.

International advice

We are part of an accountants and solicitors’ network operating across 70 jurisdictions. We’re capable coordinators of international company and commercial advice.