Problems at work can rapidly spiral out of control. We work out the best options bearing in mind time, cost, legal and other risks. We work for employees and employers giving you the benefit of using our experience to anticipate arguments. Anticipating the arguments is an important part of finding the solution quickly for you.

Our services for employees:

Many employees are negotiating settlement agreements, a bonus, or share incentive.  We have a specialist team dedicated to the review and negotiation of settlement agreements. We are empathic to your concerns and understand that we work with you during a very difficult period.

Our services for employers:

We provide solutions to the grey areas where a judgement call is needed. For smaller businesses without a dedicated HR team we are useful in bridging that gap. In larger businesses HR teams rely on us to interpret complex legislation and risk manage. Sometimes there is a legal team in place but the directors use us if the matter is particularly confidential or sensitive. Our solutions are nuanced, practical and effective.

The bigger picture

Many problems do not spin on only employment law knowledge.  Consequently, our expertise is not confined to pure employment law.  If the situation demands we can blend other areas of expertise into the solutions we offer.   For example, when looking a problem involving a director we include company law expertise and if the  employed director is also a shareholder we can deal with the sale of shares and the tax issues.   In other cases if we cannot resolve the dispute by negotiation (it doesn’t happen often but we have to be prepared) we have the litigation expertise to progress via the courts.

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