Intellectual property testimonials

Gannons Intellectual Property practice goes from strength to strength. We work with a wide variety of businesses and celebrities. We protect our clients’ intellectual property, defend their rights, and enable them to fully exploit the commercial value. Recent cases include:

JBW Group Limited

JBW provides business processes, debt recovery and enforcement services. The company also developed advanced case-management software solutions for the private and government sectors.

We created a separate holding company to effectively:

  • Manage software solutions;
  • Grant licences to third parties;
  • Create new revenue streams.

This structure yielded numerous benefits, e.g. focused management teams, and an improved tax position. JBW was recently acquired for a reported £24 million.

“Gannons were a crucial strategic partner in the development of our business over many years. Their extensive experience and commercial astuteness enabled us to restructure our business protecting our IP and creating a different investment profile for the business.”

Jamie Waller, Group Chairman

Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Kitchen & Cinnamon Soho restaurants

The Cinnamon brand is inextricably linked to Vivek Singh, their Executive Chef and a popular Celebrity Chef. Vivek is a leading authority on Indian food in the UK, a familiar face in the national media, and regularly appears on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen.

Initially we registered Vivek’s name, so he owned his brand identity. This allowed Vivek to leverage both his reputation and the Cinnamon brand. We created agreements that established Cinnamon’s intellectual property rights over Vivek’s existing work.

Under the Cinnamon brand, Vivek had launched the ‘Cinnamon At Home’ range of authentic sauces.  He envisaged a range of products and kitchen accessories under his newly registered brand names. Hence we created a brand strategy for market entrance.

We continue to protect Vivek’s new intellectual property.  We also protect his interest as he builds a distribution network that spans Europe and Asia.

“I found Gannons to be very easy to work with and their clarity of thought in separating the IP of the restaurants from my personal IP was very helpful.”

Vivek Singh, Executive Chef & CEO

Innovify UK Ltd

Innovify assists new and existing businesses develop ideas into successful and engaging products. Their services include technology, funding assistance, and corporate expertise. Innovify manages patents, trade mark, design and copyright.

Innovify wanted a strict barrier that differentiates its intellectual property rights from those of its clients. Thus we created intellectual property agreements. These enabled Innovify to accept new instructions and conduct business without infringing its clients’ intellectual property.

We now  provide on-going assistance, that protects Innovify’s commercial and intellectual property rights.

“In the start up world, it’s all about the IP; protecting our IP whilst working on client’s innovation without infringing 3rd party’s is crucial to our business. Fair IP assignment back to the client is crucial to a healthy relationship that fosters further innovation. Working with Gannons, we have managed to do just that.”

Maulik Sailor, Founder & CEO


The rights granted to IP assets are widespread. With Gannons, you’ll protect your brand and product’s commercial value.

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