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Software and technology contracts

The world of software and technology contracts is a fast moving sector. To keep you up to-date we have set down some reminders on how to protect your ownership of the assets and revenue flow. We focus on: Securing revenue…

EIS relief & film investment

Feature films qualify for tax benefits under EIS. If you invest money in a film production company you can claim 30% of your investment back as income tax relief under EIS. Plus you will be named in the credits and…

Good leaver bad leaver

Once you give away shares you cannot get them back without consent. Consent is not compulsory. This is usually a problem when it comes to ex-employees and directors. The solution is to change the articles to deal with good and…

Insolvent LLP: members’ liability

Members’ liability when their LLP becomes insolvent is not as limited as members may expect. LLP members’ liability is not always limited to their capital contributions. A failed LLP’s members are not in the same position as a failed limited company’s shareholders….