Himanshu Dasare

Partner: Intellectual property

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Himanshu Dasare

Himanshu Dasare Himanshu Dasare, Partner: trademark, design, copyright,  patent litigation, plus enforcement in specialist Intellectual Property Courts & and High Court.

I am the partner charged with running the intellectual property law team.

I handle both contentious and non-contentious intellectual property matters and the commercial ramifications that stem from them. I focus on providing my clients with innovative solutions to complex intellectual property problems. I know that many of my clients do not have unlimited budgets and a large in-house legal department to draw on. I work to overcome these obstacles and achieve a practical outcome. My team is strong and cohesive and we all pull together when you need it.

Our interests are aligned with the pressures you face. The “ivory tower” affliction that can be suffered by some lawyers in large firms is removed.  We are still at the lean and hungry stage and appreciate every instruction.


The team focuses on the full spectrum of intellectual property issues including but not limited to:

Registration and exploitation of intellectual property rights

We help our clients register trade marks, designs, patents. We also deal with software copyright issues and focus on passing off claims where the mark is not registered


Patent registration and patent litigation is a specialist area within intellectual property law and a growing area within my team.  We deal with monetisation of patents through patent licence agreements.  Another major area for the team is protection of patents – litigating if necessary.

Software and Mobile applications (Apps)

We help a number of companies and individuals with their software and mobile applications during their development and monetising process. We have the experience to review IP NDA’s, software development agreements and licences. We are familiar with the terminology and understand business objectives. We aim to provide our clients with solutions on software ownership, negotiating royalties and future issues arising from software infringement

Managing Intellectual Property Portfolio

We assist our clients by  reviewing and monitoring their intellectual property portfolio. We continually assess the scope and strength of their registered and unregistered IP. It is important to act fast if a company infringes your goods. We monitor the market  for infringing goods, to swiftly take action before any damage is done to your brand and IP.


Businesses establishing brands in the market and or maintaining existing brands use us to both develop and look after their branding strategy.

Intellectual property enforcement and defence

We bring claims to stop infringement of intellectual property and defend claims in all courts and Tribunals including Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and the High Court.  Before wading in, we will always see if a cease and desist letter settles the matter.

Why I love my job

Intellectual property is fascinating and constantly throws up new challenges. No day is ever the same and no intellectual property matter is ever identical which adds to the variety. I have a strong team of solicitors around me at Gannons and I am proud to be leading the growth of the intellectual property team.

It is always a pleasure to serve a client well, within budget and leave the client feeling pleasantly surprised.