Tier 1 investor visa uk

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Tier 1 investor visa uk

A Tier 1 investor visa for the UK is no longer easy to obtain unless you know the system. Our experience improves the chances that your application succeeds. We provide an initial assessment of your eligibility for £500 excluding VAT.

We are more than a specialist immigration law firm for Tier 1 investor visa applicants. Within our tight-knit office, we assess your investment and ensure you protect your rights and interests. Few boutique legal firms also possess the tax expertise you require.

The Tier 1 investor visa is the quickest way to obtain a British passport. It is the ideal solution for non-EEA, high-net-worth individuals to enter and remain in the UK.  The eligibility criteria is less demanding than, e.g. the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa.

Tier 1 UK investor visa eligibility assessment

The Home Office assesses investor visa applicants using a points-based system.  Your ability to access over £2 million is the most significant requirement.  The £2 million must be disposable in the UK and held by a regulated financial institution. However, there are ways to achieve the funding target.

Additional requirements relate to the actual investment.  For instance, you can only invest in particular types of company.

Fixed fee initial assessment

The Home Office can refuse a Tier 1 investor visa application on “reasonable grounds”.  Reasonable grounds could be the Home Office’s doubts about the:

  • Control and source of the funds;
  • Applicants’ character or conduct.

We provide a fixed fee service that assesses your eligibility for £500.00 excluding VAT.

UK investor visa application process

It pays to carefully consider what documents you submit to support your investor visa application.  If the Home Office refuses your application, you can appeal, but can’t submit new documents.

Often we manage and complete investors’  visa applications. We advise you what documents you’ll require, and your application’s progress.

Family members

If you obtain a Tier 1 UK investor visa, then in the UK:

  • You can bring your spouse/partner and children under the age of 18 as dependants;
  • Your family members gain full rights to work;
  • Your children can study;
  • The National Health Service will treat you and your family.


If you already possess a different UK visa, e.g. a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, it may be possible to switch to a Tier 1 Investor Visa.  The rules are strict. Switching is worth exploring, since you gain the benefits of an investor visa.

Compliance requirements once Tier 1 Investor visa granted

After you obtain a Tier 1 investor visa, the key requirement, amongst others, is that you maintain a minimum £2 million investment fund.

Extension applications

Usually the Home Office initially grants a Tier 1 UK investor visa for 3 years and four months.  Then, investors may apply for a further 2 year extension.

However, the Home Office does not automatically grant this 2 year extension.  Investors must provide appropriate documents, and continue to meet the requirements.  Our updating service prevents avoidable errors at this hurdle.

Settlement or indefinite leave to remain

Once an investor has held a valid Tier 1 Investor Visa for 5 years, the investor can apply for settlement in the UK.  The criteria for settlement or indefinite leave to remain are different. The criteria depend on when you first entered the UK under a Tier 1 Investor visa.  Note the rules frequently change.

Accelerated settlement

An investor who invests over £2 million may qualify for accelerated settlement.  This means this investor could apply for settlement 2 years after the Home Office first granted the Tier 1 investor visa.

Appeal if Tier 1 investor visa refused

If the Home Office refuses your Tier 1 Investor Visa application, you have the right to a review within 28 days.  Note that you cannot submit new documents.

We know which arguments succeed. We also tell you your chances of success.

Appeal if leave to remain refused

You also have a right of appeal if the Home Office refused your application to remain indefinitely in the UK.  You must lodge the appeal within 10 working days.  There are strict conditions, e.g. you:

  • Do not have any leave to remain in the UK at the time of the decision;
  • Cannot submit new documents to support your appeal.

Tier 1 investor visa: continuous support

Once we’ve obtain your investor visa, we provide continuous, long-term support:

Tier 1 visa update service

It is tough to meet the Tier 1 investor visa requirements. It can be even tougher to remain compliant.  We tell when and how immigration law changes.  Our specialist immigration lawyers support your extension and indefinite leave to remain applications.

Tax advice for high net worth families

The UK tax system is complex. However, there are a variety of tax breaks that reduce your capital and inheritance tax payments. We are one of the few boutique legal practices that provides specialist tax advice for investors with Tier 1 immigration visas.

Investment agreements

We protect your investments and your position. We have the company and commerical expertise to assess investment agreements, articles of association and shareholders’ agreements.