Our History

We share our story with you from start up to an established profitable business

Catherine Gannon, then a tax solicitor at a large US law firm, looks out from their ivory tower and spots a gap in the market.  This gap is the lack of high quality legal advice for entrepreneurs. Research quickly reveals that small businesses mainly generate the UK’s GNP. The opportunity has crystallised.
Our firm is up and trading as a paperless office: innovative for 2002. Our technology attracted sharp, experienced solicitors frustrated by the major firms’ practices, processes and politics.
The corporate team starts its expansion with Helen Curtis running the team.
Administration costs cut by 50%, due to technology investment and outsourcing strategy.
The corporate team manages its first £20 million+ company sale transaction.  Catherine Gannon and Helen Curtis lead.
Office extended: the growing team demands more space.
John Deane joins to run the commercial and technology teams.  The firm now comprises six partners across its core disciplines backed by a brilliant team.
Story so far
The original business vision remains.  Of course it was not initially plain sailing.  But, therein lies the foundation of our empathy with those braving the business world and is one of the reasons we decided to set up Project Cub – our initiative to assist incubators with legal tips and practical considerations for growing businesses. Our future plans include: an office move to larger premises, further recruitment but most importantly improving our service and knowledge bank.

Core values

Our values make us what we are. They exist at the heart of everything we do:

Enable small and medium enterprises to access specialist solicitors.

We do not operate from fancy premises decked in glass and marble. Clients don’t pay for atriums. We keep our operating costs down. Our clients are sophisticated and unimpressed by swagger.

Draw out talent. Empower individuals to fulfill their potential.

From the junior of juniors to the managing partners, we encourage individual entrepreneurialism. We strip away the politics within most professional partnerships. We demolish barriers to success.

Understand new ideas, think creatively, find innovative solutions.

We listen and learn.  Everyday brings new knowledge and experience to pass onto clients.  The client’s business comes first. We match our legal advice to the business needs.


Without honesty you do not have lift off.

Centre for Entrepreneurs

We are proud sponsors of the Centre for Entrepreneurs, a non-profit think-tank aiming to address the “…under-representation of entrepreneurs in the public eye” and to “…promote entrepreneurship to government, media, the private sector (including big businesses) and the general public”.


Our strategy is simple:

  • Deliver results for our clients; and
  • Deliver the profits to attract and retain a top quality team.

Welcome to Gannons, we look forward to working with you.

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Catherine Gannon
Managing Partner

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