What is Project Cub?

As a law firm with its own origins as a start up we understand the difficulties and uphill struggle that some entrepreneurs face starting out so we are always trying to support incubators, start ups and SMEs with the help they need to grow.

Project Cub seeks to do just that: grow cubs into lions. Project Cub supports individual entrepreneurs and start ups by providing them with the legal foundations they need to grow their business from the ground up. We run sessions at incubator hubs which are always well attended and the questions keep on flowing.

How we support entrepreneurs

Sometimes you don’t want formal legal advice but just want some more information about the legal issues that affect your business now and in the future.

We avoid the legals and give you the practicals

So in combination with our talks to start ups at incubator hubs we help entrepreneurs via our Ask the Expert videos. Recent videos can be found on social media and YouTube. We include tips on:

Business, employment and investment structures are constantly being reinvented by technological advances. With purpose and value often outplaying profit as business drivers, crowds and platforms emerging as the new hierarchies and the rate of AI adoption impacting on the workforce of the future and the range of services many businesses can now provide autonomously and more cost-effectively, start up businesses have to keep an eye on their approach to drive innovation and growth and ultimately break into the market.

Project Cub talks are a chance for us to give start ups and SMEs key advice on topics that are often not considered until it is too late, such as how to protect their intellectual property, how to structure their investment portfolios, what is needed to qualify investments for tax relief under SEIS and EIS, and when to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Our informal round table expert and peer-to-peer discussions and workshops are a chance for you to ask us questions and build your knowledge and confidence about legal and commercial issues to boost your business.

Popular areas at our Incubator talks

The following areas often prove popular with start ups and SMEs:

Look out for us at an incubator hub near you!

Who should be involved?

Project Cub is a tool for incubators, innovators, business angels, entrepreneurs, start ups and SMEs at the start of their journey.

Incubators supported in the past


Get involved and be part of the discussion

If you are a start up getting off the ground or an incubator that we could work with we would love to hear form you – please get in contact with Arran Brooker or through our website or via social media:

Twitter @Gannons_law

LinkedIn Gannons Commercial Law

For more information or to organise a visit at your incubator hub, please email ab@gannons.co.uk

Commercial clinic

If you have a more complex legal question that you can’t ask over social media, we run commercial clinics every month to offer assistance. Please get in touch to see if we can help.