Business acquisitions recent deals

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The team at Gannons is well versed in all aspects of buying and selling businesses. Some recent transactions we have facilitated include the purchase of a:

Bicycle manufacturer

This was a well-known brand with a celebrity sportsman’s endorsement agreement. The due diligence on the business’s intellectual property proved crucial, the value being in the target’s use of the celebrity’s name and image.

Franchised business

This was to add to an existing portfolio of franchised businesses, with the sole purpose of expanding the territory of the franchise.

Media agency business

The agency was acquired by a larger group, with all employees placed on incentive schemes to stimulate growth.

Credit card business

This required new terms and conditions of use to be drafted in light of reforms to the financial services industry. Our due diligence revealed outstanding claims. We negotiated a full indemnity from the seller for all and any damages due on these claims from completion.