Entrepreneur visa for investor & manager

Our client wanted to invest and manage a UK hi-tech start-up. He required an entrepreneur visa, being non-UK resident. Besides capital, he brought significant experience having founded several Silicon Valley start-ups.

Investor’s objectives

First we ensured we understood our client’s objectives, i.e. his expectations, role, and the investment structure. Possibilities included:

  • Simple financier;
  • Financier plus management control;
  • Loan or equity.

Our client was bringing significant start-up experience and considerable cash.  Hence we secured voting equity. His influence would tilt any ordinary shareholder resolution, and he gained a seat on the board.

Entrepreneur visa requirements

To fulfill the entrepreneur visa requirements,  the Hi-tech company had to employ an extra person, whilst our client was a shareholder. This was the key sticking point.  We carefully negotiated. However,  the Hi-tech company required capital to scale its business.

Company due diligence

Our client’s investment only made sense if he defined and executed the company’s sales strategy to scale the business. We checked the articles of association, the document that governs how the company is managed. We also recommended a shareholder’s agreement.

To protect our client, we negotiated amendendments to the articles, and drafted a new shareholder’s agreement. Together, these documents protected our client during board room and shareholder votes.


We are more than entrepreneur and investor visa specialists. With company and commercial expertise, we ensure your investment in a UK company works for you.

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