Protecting confidential information

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The need to protect trade secrets and other confidential information can arise in a variety of situations.

Recent examples include:

One-was non-disclosure

Drafting a one way non disclosure agreement, where our client’s business was sharing information and the third party agreed not to leak this information.

Sale of a tech company

Drafting and advising on specific trade secret confidentiality agreements required during a sale of technology.

Disclosing third party confidential information

Drafting a confidentiality agreement where our client was disclosing financial information on another business.

Trade secrets

Advising on a trade secrets as part of an employment contract.  Our client was concerned about an employee’s access to confidential data and information located on various devices which were difficult to track such as smartphones, laptops and devices.

  • Gannons understood the sensitive nature of our information. Their advice was apt and commercially informed.