Recent cases involving TUPE

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Our recent instructions include:

Business reorganisation

Advising a firm of fiduciary agents who were re-organising their business in order to sell a division to a third party. Head office staff were retained in the company not being sold.

Dismissal of employee on maternity pre-TUPE

Working with a team of management consultants who wanted to dismiss an employee on maternity leave pre-TUPE transfer on grounds of redundancy.

Harmonisation of employment contracts following asset sale

Review of employment contracts for the transferring business to see how they would fit into the employment contracts and policies for the acquiring business.  We suggested modifications that would not fall foul of TUPE and modifications that would not trigger a liability.

TUPE consultation process

Advising a firm of accountants on the script for the TUPE consultation process and the election of representatives where measures were envisaged.

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