Recent cases resolved for employees

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We do not have a list of successful court cases to boast about. This is because usually, wherever possible, we settle any employment law disputes out of court. We pride ourselves on a near zero litigation track record, achieving demonstrable success for employees and with the most conservative use of legal fees possible. You will find that whatever may be happening to you, we have dealt with it before.

Settlement agreement

We negotiated a senior director’s settlement agreement due to a management restructure following the sale of the business. We significantly improved his compensation.

Post-termination restrictions

Our client was a director in a software development company. We advised him on his exit from the company, securing changes to the post termination restrictions in his employment contract and an enhanced price for his shares.

Employee IP

We advised a software developer who was offered a job by a technology company on how to protect the intellectual property that he was bringing to the new company. His IP was documented and protected before he signed the employment contract and appropriate provisions were included in the employment contract to recognise his ownership.

Share purchase agreement

We negotiated on behalf of the founder of a company, who was to be tied into the business for a number of years following its sale. We negotiated a reduced tie-in period with a 12-month review; lower damages payments; and a smaller proportion of the purchase price allocated to the earn out.

Disability discrimination

We advised an employee on a claim for disability discrimination at work. She was injured at work and later dismissed on capability grounds. We were successful in getting our client re-instated arguing that the employer had not followed the correct redeployment procedure given that our client was disabled. Our client received back-dated salary to the date her notice period end.