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Recent employment law cases resolved for employers

All employers come to us worried about their position and the risk of employment law claims. Often the employer knows that it has not acted perfectly. But we operate in the real world and can usually find a solution to achieve the desired outcome.

Re-negotiation of an employee’s employment contract

We assisted an employer who had unwittingly accepted a change to an employee’s employment contract through the employee’s own conduct. The employee was permitted to work from home one day a week but had gradually increased this to every day. This continued for over a year. We assisted our client with the re-negotiation and execution of a new employment contract with limited working from home provisions.

Senior director’s grievance

We supported an employer throughout a grievance procedure brought by a senior director which was groundless. With our help the parties avoided court proceedings and reached a reasonable settlement.

Disciplinary procedure

We provided back up support for an employer dealing with a disciplinary matter. We managed the collation of evidence, and planned to achieve the best outcome from the disciplinary case involving suspected gross misconduct. Our work secured the employee’s resignation.

Employment documentation

We act on a retainer for an employer to ensure that the employment contract is up-to-date, effective, and proportionate to the risks involved. Documents include employment contracts, director’s service agreements, disciplinary and grievance procedure manuals.

Alex Kleanthous

A highly experienced, tactically astute yet practical litigation lawyer, Alex has 30 years experience in resolving disputes.

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