Recent injunction cases

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We see cases where injunctions have been threatened but with negotiation guided by us the case is settled.  However in some cases settlement is not an option initially and the case has to be fought in court.  We have summarised below some of our recent cases involving bringing and defending injunctions.

Defended an injunction brought by former employer

  • Defended an injunction application for an FX trader. Previous employer sought to restrict the trader’s future employment. We challenged the restriction wording and went onto permit our client to pursue his intended career.

Obtained an injunction for an employer to prevent haemorrhage of staff and clients

  • Obtained a injunction restraining the activities for an insurance brokers’ firm. Some employees resigned, intending to create a competing business. So before they incorporated the competing business, we exhibited the expected loss, and secured an injunction.

Secured an undertaking to avoid a full injunction hearing

  • Undertaking from group of ex-employees. The group left a FinTech software company to join a Silicon Valley competitor, and utilise company information.  We filed the undertaking with the court not to complete for 12 months.

Resisted an injunction

  • We resisted injunction application seeking to restrict activities. Our client opened a business that was outside the share purchase agreement’s definition of “the business”.  The court agreed with us and dismissed the injunction application.

  • If you are faced with an injunction you need to move quickly. This is a highly skilled area of litigation with many twists and turns in practice.