Recent work for media businesses

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The media industry is huge and the type of work we complete for them is vast. The common thread is the need to be realistic, proportionate  and practical  – time is money for everyone.  A large number of our clients are from the media industry be it digital, publishing or the arts and over the years our work has helped us build a solid understanding of this fast moving sector.

Recent instructions include:

Incorporated joint venture company:

This included  bespoke articles and shareholders agreement. The BBC financed the joint venture company which produced a TV series for the BBC.

Structured musician’s finance arrangement

To enable a musician to produce a new album, we negotiated the terms for finance and production with the record label, who had a right of first refusal on the works.

Image-portfolio rights

We prepared agreements for a celebrity,  to enable him to raise funds for a personal project through endorsements.

Writers’ special purpose vehicle

We created a special purpose vehicle to enable the writer to produce a new film.  The writer financed the production and entered into commercial contracts with agencies, employees, and individual producers and directors. We ensured all intellectual property rights remained with the company, regardless of each individual’s contribution.

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