UK tier 1 entrepreneur visa guidance

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Gannons provided guidance on obtaining a UK tier 1 entrepreneur visa for for an overseas businessman and his family, enabling them to quickly relocate to the UK. He has since established a thriving technology business in the country.

Our client had recently sold a successful business in China in preparation for a move to the UK. Unfortunately, he was unaware of recent changes in UK immigration law. We provided a preliminary view as to whether his application would succeed on a tight timescale. We were able to help secure him the tier 1 entrepreneur visa that he required in the end.

Client support

Since English wasn’t our client’s first language, we supported him extensively throughout the daunting application process.

We provided a detailed overview of the steps involved in the matter at the outset. This is so our client understood the process and gained an accurate cost estimate.

Tier 1 entrepreneur visa requirements

Firstly, we established what the most appropriate immigration permission for him would be. Clearly, this was tier 1 in the entrepreneur sub-category. Since no sponsor was involved, our client had to make a single application, as an individual, to the UK Border Agency.

Tier 1 points system

We discussed the Tier 1 points system with our client.

The points system meant we should ensure our client scored the following:

  • At least 75 points for attributes, e.g.
    • Access to not less than £200,000,
    • Money held in a regulated financial institution,
    • Money disposable in the UK;
  • 10 points for English language to a required standard; and
  • 10 points for maintenance, i.e. out client and his dependents had sufficient funds in the UK to support themselves.

This was sufficient for our client to succeed in his visa application.

Family immigration

Our client naturally wanted his wife and two young children to join him in the UK. We also assisted our client in collating the required documentary evidence to allow them to join him as well.

We got the evidence right first time and thus there were no delays for our client at the UK Border Agency.

Establishing a UK business

After we established that the visa application would probably succeed, we proceeded to help our client set up his new UK business.

Bespoke documentation

This included helping draft new documentation for his business, such as the articles of association, and shareholders’ agreement.

We also wrote an employee handbook, and came up with standard terms and conditions for his employees.

Our client also enlisted our support in protecting his business’ intellectual property rights, and in drafting new general commercial contracts with clients.

Finally, we helped with the new business registrations process with HMRC, including sorting out VAT and PAYE.

Employee incentives

We then assisted our client in coming up with ways in which to motivate his new employees. The methods we came up with included bonuses and share schemes.


Our immigration application succeeded. Our client now lives in the UK with his family. His business is thriving. We also finalised a cross border distribution agreement for our client, once his business was established.

  • Gannons really cleared up the complicated UK immigration procedure, and it is thanks to them I am now living and working with my family in the UK.