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Property litigation solicitors

The most common commercial property disputes by far relate to fairly long commercial leases, typically where the lease term, whether for an office, shop, industrial unit or leisure related premises are let for between 5-10 years.

Commercial leases tend to be long and technical documents and traditionally, such leases are drafted in favour of the Landlord, with tenants often caught out by onerous restrictions, excessive charges, large sums being claimed for repair or other liabilities during the lease, when the lease may come to an end. Notwithstanding this, Landlords can face their own dilemmas, especially where tenants get into financial difficulties. As with any kind of commercial legal dispute, it’s 1 thing being in the right legally, but this can mean little if the opponent cannot pay any court judgment and award of legal fees.

With any type of property litigation, we apply the same commercial and tactical approach as we do with any other form of dispute. Often a negotiated outcome is ultimately best, especially where the parties may, after the dispute, still remain in a long term contract (the lease) with each other.

Our experience and specialist expertise with commercial property disputes includes :-


All aspects of property management and development disputes including:


  • Property management
  • Lease renewals
  • Dilapidations disputes
  • Disputes over breaches of covenant including forfeiture or relief applications
  • Service charge disputes
  • Contested break notice disputes
  • Service of break notices, 1954 Act Notice and all manner of other property notices
  • Landlord and Tenant insolvency events
  • Rent review disputes
  • Disputes relating to assignment or subletting of leases and alterations to premises
  • Telecoms
  • Forfeiture and Applications for Relief
  • Injunctions
  • Property development and Joint Venture Disputes
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes
  • Professional Negligence Claims
  • Lease surrender negotiations

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