Employment Seminar – Successfully disposing of employment disputes

  • Back to basics: why employment relationships matter and correcting common misconceptions – Join us as we answer the fundamental questions which are constantly misunderstood. What are the hallmarks of an employment relationship? When do employment obligations begin to bite? Do business owners need to be concerned about the employment status of directors and contractors? – Alex Kennedy
  • New employment law nightmares facing employers – Stay ahead of the curve as we discuss the challenges and opportunities facing small and medium-sized enterprises. From regulatory changes to market trends, we’ll explore the landscape through the lens of the business owner. – Jason Pradhan
  • Workplace discrimination: avoiding pitfalls and claims – We’ll discuss proactive strategies to identify, address, and prevent discrimination, harassment and victimisation in the workplace. Learn how to cultivate an inclusive workplace culture which fosters diversity and equality while minimising the risk of costly litigation – Alex Kennedy
  • Managing workplace disputes: reducing risk and minimising the impact for SMEs – Workplace disputes can disrupt productivity and damage morale, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. We explore effective techniques for managing conflicts and resolving disputes swiftly and amicably. Arm yourself with practical strategies to minimize risk, investigate wrongdoing and preserve workplace harmony, ensuring your business remains resilient in the face of adversity – Alex Kleanthous