Problems at work can spiral out of control. We find the solution bearing in mind time, cost and other risks. Working with employers, directors and employees we offer plenty of experience used to anticipate arguments quickly.

Providing the right support

  • Dealing with aspects of the employment relationship from contracts, policies, restrictive covenants through to benefits such as share incentives.
  • Managing the process of termination of employment aiming for an amicable conclusion which do find in most cases.
  • Avoiding employment law claims which are usually never in the best interest of either the employee or employer.
  • Specialist corporate law expertise in dealing with directors and employee shareholders.
  • Analysing commercial risks for corporate transactions involving the transfer of employees.

What gives us the edge

Many problems are not confined to just employment law.  Therefore, in response our expertise is not limited to pure employment law.  Over the years we have built up specialisms we find out clients need to move forward.  The support will be seamless. You will not feel jaunted from one department to another having to start all over again. For example:

  • If the problem revolves around an employee or director who is also a shareholder our expertise is wide enough to think through the company law issues that may also arise along with the employment law problems.
  • If the concern relates to the position of employees under a corporate transaction then our familiarity in running transactions will help as we know what the buyer or seller will be thinking.
  • Our tax capabilities are helpful when it comes to dealing with contractors and the commercial issues which can arise.
  • We have a strong technology and IP team who can blend the employment aspects of a project with the contractual rights and liabilities under collaboration agreements and framework agreements.
  • If the need arises we do have litigation expertise which can be useful in disposing of weak claims quickly.

Our style

We are boutique.  What this means is that we focus on only core areas of business.  The focus means two things to you.

  • We are up to-date and know what we are doing.
  • Our specialism helps to keep you costs down.

Not sure

Please do pick up the phone and speak to one of our partners.  We are always happy to listen to the issues and can provide instant feed back on whether you have a case and if so how to go about moving forward.

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