Our 5 specialist litigation solicitors dealt with over 140 commercial disputes last year.

Commercial litigation solicitors

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of commercial litigation and disputes enabling you to plan. We always look for resolution as that is in your best interests. But we do litigate where necessary.

Please get in touch for an initial review on prospects of success. We do provide fee estimates for each stage.

Solicitors to resolve business legal disputes

We are a specialist litigation and dispute resolution legal firm.

Types of disputes we advise on

  • Contract and commercial disputes
  • Shareholder and director disputes
  • IP disputes
  • Commercial fraud
  • Court Injunctions
  • Trademark, copyright and patent claims
  • Breach of warranty and misrepresentations following business sale
  • Disputes between business partners
  • Commercial property and construction disputes

Elements of a good litigation strategy

A good strategy will take into accounts the basics.  The basics are:

  • Strength of the evidence
  • Likely legal costs if you win or lose
  • Can the case be settled

Evaluation of the commercial dispute

Obviously evidence plays a major part. But there are also more subtle points which can be dressed up or played down to your advantage. Timing is part of clever evaluation. As is the appetite for risk and the characters involved.

Offers to settle 

Attempts to settle a commercial dispute out of court should always be considered.  Timing and value are important considerations. When to settle and when to fight on are skillful decisions we help you to make.

Creative ideas for controlling legal fees and costs

From an early stage we will be considering the strategy and routes for resolution:

  • Very importantly, how strong is the evidence?
  • Are there any initial low-cost ways to bring the other party to the negotiating table before issuing proceedings in court?
  • Is mediation likely to be suitable?
  • How can we pitch an initial commercial settlement offer to reduce your costs?
  • Do we need to apply for an injunction due to concerns over the other party’s ability to pay up?
  • Where are the pressure points and weaknesses?
  • Are there commercial deadlines we can play to?

Planning from the start is the key to success.

Negotiation of settlements to settle litigation

Usually, you will be best served to agree a commercial settlement with the opponent. A commercial settlement will not only save on costs but also bring finality to the litigation dispute. Litigation is always a disruptive process to any business.

A commercial settlement agreement can be reached at any time before or during the court litigation process. Obviously, the sooner the case is disposed of the better. But sometimes, there is work to be done by us to create an appetite to settle.

Get in touch to discuss your situation and to find out more about our experience, approach and how our commercial litigation solicitors can help.

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