Our specialist team of technology/IP solicitors provide expertise from a quick document review, drafting, negotiation through to dealing with infringement allegations.  The focus is to avoid problems from happening. We take the overview needed in business to keep up with the fast pace of change.

Please do call to discuss your query. We are always happy to provide suggestions for resolving problems and an estimate of costs. We leave you in control of your legal spend.

Reasons to decide to work with us

  • We have the depth of legal and commercial experience to review issues in the context of the transaction. For example, we deal with the buying and selling of businesses with technology/IP at the core, investments, collaboration agreements and licence agreements along with other commercial situations.
  • Enforcement and protection of technology and intellectual property is a key driver and we have the ideas on how to achieve this.
  • We act for businesses of all sizes.  We find clients who have worked with larger law firms are attracted to us because they know they will be valued and receive better value for money.
  • Finally, but importantly, we get to the point quickly. The last thing you need is to taken down blind alleys.

Main areas we cover

We understand that technology and IP creates wealth but a lack of physical presence means extra care is involved to reap the benefits. We have summarised below an overview on the issues we are most commonly called upon to help with.

  • Making sure that your assets are protected and not vulnerable to rip off
  • Checking out any risks with data protection requirements
  • Making the business attractive for investment
  • Review, drafting and negotiation of technology agreements
  • Managing your corporate transaction effectively
  • Resolving IP and technology infringement disputes cost efficiently.

Securing ownership of your technology/IP

Intellectual property or technology needs securing as does any other asset.  Security measures should be in place before the threat arises. We solve the problem of how to secure ownership and hence revenue earning opportunities for now and in the future. We can deal with:

  • Trade marks – what needs to be registered and how the portfolio should blend together to provide robust protection
  • Copyright – can you protect the copyright in software, creative works, written materials and for how long
  • Collaboration agreements – what are the really important clauses you need so that you have control over the collaboration
  • Trade secrets – given they underpin the business what is needed to make them enforceable.

Data protection

Some of the core requirements can seem impractical and impossible to comply with at first glance. We help you interpret what the requirement will actually mean in your organisation.

  • Lawfulness, fairness and transparency
  • Purpose limitation – why are you processing data
  • Data minimisation – are you only processing what you really need to
  • Accuracy – speaks for itself
  • Storage limitation
  • Integrity and confidentiality
  • Accountability and the range of processes to review

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