External employment law support – a guide for small business.

Last Updated: August 7th, 2023

In the UK, most people are employed by small and medium-sized businesses. Employees are among the most valuable assets that a small company can draw upon, but managing staff can present profound challenges to business owners.

When problems with employees arise, there can be a temptation to keep everything “in house.” However, depending on how the situation develops, this can cause problems or limit options in the future.

Independence – A Trustworthy and Neutral Perspective

As well as bringing the benefit of their legal knowledge and experience, external solicitors will be insulated from the office politics, which enables them to remain neutral while evaluating employee conduct or performance. By avoiding internal biases, businesses can rely on credible findings that objectively reflect the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. This independence instils confidence in the review process, ensuring that it is conducted in a fair and transparent manner, which is likely to be less open to challenge on down the line.

Efficient Use of Company Time and Resources

For small businesses with limited personnel and resources, conducting internal employee reviews can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. By outsourcing this task to a firm of solicitors, businesses can free up valuable company time and resources. Depending on how the review is structured, many aspects can be entrusted to the solicitors, including data collection, interviews, and analysis, allowing business owners and HR personnel to concentrate on core business activities. This enhanced efficiency contributes to increased productivity and allows the company to focus on achieving its strategic goals.

Preserving Relationships within the Company

Internal employee reviews can sometimes lead to tension and strained relationships within the workplace. Employees may perceive the process as biased or unfair when conducted by colleagues or superiors. Engaging independent solicitors mitigates this risk, as employees are more likely to trust external professionals who have no prior personal or professional connections within the company. The objectivity of the review process fosters a sense of credibility, reducing the likelihood of interpersonal conflicts and preserving a harmonious work environment.

Ensuring Compliance with UK Employment Law

Navigating UK employment law can be complex and challenging for small businesses. Failure to comply with legal requirements in handling employee reviews can lead to costly disputes and potential legal repercussions. By engaging experience employment law solicitors, businesses can rest assured that the review process will align with UK employment legislation and regulations. The solicitors’ expertise helps avoid potential legal pitfalls, protecting the business from legal disputes and financial liabilities.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, small businesses in the United Kingdom can greatly benefit from engaging a firm of solicitors to design or conduct independent reviews of employee conduct or capability. The impartiality and neutrality brought by independent solicitors offer a trustworthy and fair assessment of employees. Furthermore, the efficiency gained through outsourcing the review process allows companies to concentrate on their core operations, boosting productivity and growth. Importantly, preserving relationships within the company is safeguarded through the use of independent solicitors, reducing internal conflicts and maintaining a harmonious work environment. Lastly, solicitors’ expertise ensures that the review process remains compliant with UK employment laws, protecting businesses from potential legal entanglements.

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