The data security sector is a growth industry. Businesses need to know what will happen to their data and control usage.  Businesses are answerable to customers, employees and regulators. If the data has not been assessed and controlled they will not be able to answer the questions needed to protect themselves.  We work with businesses whose service and or internal operations include data security obligations such as:

  • Digital marketing;
  • Surveillance;
  • Computer forensics;
  • Providers of due diligence reporting;
  • Financial services such as hedge funds and IFAs who often hold very personal data about their customers.

Data security problems we look at typically revolve around:

  • Assessment of the information that needs to be protected
  • Assessment of activities that escape regulation
  • Review of contracts to minimise exposure to unplanned liabilities
  • Evidence trail needed to demonstrate compliance
  • Support for business issues such as employment law, transactional support and resolution of disputes.

Our Data security Team