The designers and creative industries in the UK is substantial and constantly evolving and growing into new areas. We understand the wide range of responsibilities and risks that creative entrepreneurs will inevitably encounter in building a successful business from their creative talent and hard work. We help them protect their work – and grow their business

Typical designers industry services we provide:

  • Commissions and collaborations: we regularly advise designers and commissioners in connection with private and public art commissions. We assist with undertaking project management agreements and negotiating risk assignment. We have recently worked with a number of designers on commission agreements for bespoke items, including assisting health and safety protection, latent defect liability and insurance provisions. We also protect works of joint authorship, future use of works and provide ‘best practice’ guidelines and practical advise for designers.
  • Early stage contracts: we work with a number of independent designers on agency and distribution agreements, ownership of works of joint authorship and collaboration agreements.
  • Intellectual property protection: focusing on brand protection, and exploitation, we assist designers in registration and enforcement of trade marks and domain names. We advise on protection of registered and unregistered design rights, particularly in registering the display of public commissions and collaborations within tight time frames. We have worked with a number of designers in protecting their intellectual property rights where sub-contractor agreements are used for public pieces.
  • Dispute resolution: whether you are a designer, investor or gallery, our specialist negotiators have a wealth of experience in settling disputes to achieve a workable and commercial outcome. The team often deal with highly complex, industry-specific issues and always consider not only the legal aspect but also the most commercially attractive solution to enable designers to build their name and their business.

Situated in the creative heart of London our team works with designers, commissioners, galleries, studios, event organisers and a number of creative incubators and accelerators to deal with the wide range of legal issues that arise for smaller creatives starting out and growing their businesses in the design industry.

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