Entrepreneurs are busy people, with limited budgets and often limited experience. But, they need solutions which work and will continue to work as the business grows. Our concentration on entrepreneurs condenses that experience and hence your costs.

Actions speak louder than words

Our model of focus and cutting out the frills and a tight control on overheads does work for entrepreneurs. As a result, every year we literally deal with thousands of entrepreneurs. We view entrepreneurs as our new blood to cherish. We actively support the entrepreneurial sector in many ways.

  • We run regular free commercial clinics at our office where anyone can drop by and ask us any question about starting up or early stage business.
  • We talk to incubators and accelerators in their offices about latest developments the start ups can use to help their trade.
  • We are members of the UK Business Angels Association and the EISA.
  • Our team are continually trained in the skills and knowledge needed when dealing with an entrepreneurial business.

Solicitors for entrepreneurs

We find most entrepreneurs find us good at:

  • Explaining the fund raising process. We have an SEIS and EIS package which covers all the work needed to obtain assurance from HMRC that investors will qualify for tax relief.
  • Setting up the structure of the business to protect various shareholder interests. We balance the often competing needs of founders, investors and employee shareholders.
  • Guidance on protection of their business idea, intellectual property and technology developed. Dealing with ownership aspects will make the business more saleable.
  • Taking entrepreneurs through a business acquisition or sale. We often work on transactions for businesses who come to us when fledging but where we have seen them through each stage of evolution.

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Catherine Gannon, Founder