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Most of our work within the financial services sector is for directors and senior executives where we secure a better deal on joining a new employer or leaving employment. Bonuses are always on the agenda.  But, at the other end of the spectrum we work with SMEs operating in the financial services sector such as fin techs and the range of businesses providing support to the financial services sector from marketing to financial analysis and technology businesses providing trading platforms.

Solicitors for financial services sector

Our unique expertise revolves around working with highly paid personnel in the financial services sector where the stakes are high.  We are familiar with dealing with the in-house departments of banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and other businesses operating within the financial services – we know how they work and the game to play.

Core areas of work include:

We support growth businesses in the financial services sector

We work with entrepreneurial small businesses operating in the financial services sector and in particular the emerging fin tech sector. Many of our clients came to us as start ups founded by entrepreneurs.

  • Establishing the extent of regulatory compliance required for the offering and solving the problems around the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Data protection and data mining
  • Setting up joint ventures often between developers of the technology backed by financiers and marketers
  • Investment rounds
  • Looking after the concepts and technology used by the financial services businesses to keep it safe from competitors
  • Blockchain and framework agreements for the procurement and outsourcing of technology

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