The digital, media and art industries are diverse, fast-paced and constantly evolving. Our clients come to us for specialist legal and commercial problem solving. We have the niche expertise to offer our clients whatever service they require to support their venture. Our work ranges from review of documents through to negotiation of deals. We also have the expertise to resolve disputes and stem a mess.

Digital Sector Solicitors

We represent clients from all parts of the digital sector. Our team works with a diverse mix of individuals and organisations, ranging from developers and investors to start-ups and established businesses looking for acquisitions or sales. We bring innovation and invaluable experience to today’s businesses and help the future stars of tomorrow. As you plan your growth we are able to advise you on your entire commercial, tax, investment, intellectual property, and employment requirements.

Media Solicitors

Whether you are a creator, director, producer or investor, our ability to work across multiple areas of law allows us to tailor our services for our clients in the entertainment industry. From Hollywood studios with international investment, through TV production companies and record labels, to publishers, broadcasters and online platforms, our clients operate in the broadest spectrum of the entertainment and media industry.

Some recent examples of the work we assist with include:

  • the financing, exploitation and protection of content across a wide range of media;
  • structuring projects in the most commercially sensible way;
  • drafting option agreements;
  • creating a joint venture company; or
  • negotiating a cop-production agreement.

Drawing on our specialists in other areas we can offer a truly complete service, covering not only the commercial, financial and intellectual property aspects of a new venture, but also managing employment and immigration considerations, such as EMI share options and visa applications for foreign talent.

Art Law Solicitors

We combine our wide-ranging expertise in the investment, tax, intellectual property and commercial aspects of art businesses and ownership with a deep understanding of the sensitivities and peculiarities of the art market. The acquisition, ownership and sale of art galleries and companies that trade in art are a highly specialised area. We blend our knowledge of the market with legal expertise to ensure we get the best results. Our clients include artists, auction houses, art galleries, collectors, dealers, shareholders and independent advisers. We will deliver pragmatic and commercially informed solutions for our clients, whatever the circumstances. We help with art law and much more.

Resolving business disputes

An inevitable consequence of being in business is that disputes will arise with people or contracts. Our skill is to find a path to resolution to prevent escalation out of control. It is taken as read that we understand the law but the value added is how we apply it effectively and efficiently to keep your legal spend in control.

Our Digital, Media and the Arts Team