The media is powerful and controls the world but brings problems which need addressing often very quickly. Our clients come to us for specialist media law knowledge and most importantly to them, the application of solutions to their problems.  Our work ranges from review of documents through to negotiation of deals and resolving disputes to stem a mess.

Media Solicitors

Our media clients are drawn from creative industries and individuals wishing to protect their reputation through to problems with on-line dissemination of confidential information.  The creative industry in the UK is something to be proud of and covers entertainment, film and all forms of publishing and art.

Some recent examples of the work we assist with include:

  • the financing, exploitation and protection of content across a wide range of media;
  • structuring projects in the most commercially sensible way;
  • drafting option agreements;
  • preventing the circulation of damaging material;
  • creating a joint venture company;
  • negotiating a co-production agreement;
  • publishing contracts;
  • talent management agreements;
  • social media and website related media law;
  • defamation;
  • copyright;

Drawing on our specialists in other areas we can offer a truly complete service, covering not only the commercial, financial and intellectual property aspects of business, but also managing employment considerations such contracts and EMI share options.

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Our Media Team