SMEs or small to medium enterprises in the private sector represent by far the largest group of UK businesses and are our focus area. Within this group, industries, business models and cultures vary dramatically.  Our strength is our extensive experience in helping to manage private companies and SMEs which gives us the ability to understand your business and it’s closeness with your life.  We draw on our own start up success.

Our SMEs come from  a wide variety of sectors.  We support directors, management teams, shareholders and investors and have experience from every angle.  Guidance is given every stage of your journey from getting established, investment, expansion through to exit. Understanding and anticipating problems is the key to the solutions we find.

We offer the skill set SMEs most often need on issues relating to employment law, data protection, employee incentives, tax, intellectual property, business visas and commercial contracts.  We are flexible on how we work and are always here when you need us.

Problems we typically solve for SMEs

  • Finding ways to look after the shareholdings for different interest groups such as founders, investors and employee shareholders;
  • Management of the workforce including directors;
  • Resolving problems around departures – we help both employers and individuals;
  • Corporate restructuring and re-financing, negotiations and agreement review;
  • Handling investors and securing SEIS and EIS tax reliefs;
  • Managing corporate transactions such as disposals, purchases and management buyouts;
  • Agreeing business valuations for commercial and tax purposes;
  • Planning for business sales and acquisitions with a focus on entrepreneurs’ relief;
  • Dealing with investigations launched by HMRC.

Our SMEs Team