Technology and Innovation

What is Innovation?

Innovation means doing something different. This may be creating a new service line targeted at a specific type of client or making an improvement to an internal process to serve clients better.

It also means making an impact. Innovation disrupts the status quo. Whatever is done differently must actually make a difference that drives a business or industry forward in a measurable, competitive and efficient way.

In a climate of fast-moving innovation our lawyers react quickly to identify how existing laws and principles can be applied practically to emerging technologies. We deliver commercially beneficial outcomes for our clients that are fast, focused and fit for purpose.

How we help Innovators

We recognise the increasing importance of technology to all businesses – from commercial exploitation and outsourcing to safeguarding data and protecting valuable intellectual property. Our aim is to assist our clients at every stage of the business life cycle – whether they are start-ups, SMEs, individual creators or multinational companies – to innovate and to work faster and smarter.

Our Technology and Innovation team brings together our specialist legal and commercial expertise in a range of industries, including:

We also support our clients as they enter emerging technology industries such as cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain, and e-commerce advertising. As these technologies increasingly connect our clients with global business partners we ensure that their latest ventures avoid falling foul of EU anti-competitive regulations.


Sometimes innovation can cause conflict with investors or business partners. We assist with the resolution of technology and IP disputes with commercial solutions. Our aim is to mediate, and if we have to, litigate, to manage legal risks and maximise revenue.

We also perform IP audits and due diligence as part of valuations, sales and acquisitions.



Our Innovators Team