Intellectual Property Rights and Protection

Our specialist team of technology and intellectual property solicitors using our experience provide the overview needed in technology, e-commerce, software and IT sectors.

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Reasons to decide to work with us

  • We solve problems relating to matters such as software licensing and platform subscriptions, through to negotiating systems integration, outsourcing and intellectual property protection.
  • We act for businesses of all sizes. We find clients who have worked with larger law firms are attracted to us because they know they will get a personalised service and receive better value for money.
  • We stay focused on the issues important to your business.

Key considerations for technology businesses

We work with technology designers, suppliers, investors and users, from the growth of early concepts to the sale of the business or its assets.  Based on the questions we see our clients asking we have summarised below some of the key areas.

  • Trade marks and brand protection;
  • Technology agreements;
  • Confidential information and Trade secrets;
  • Data protection;
  • Copyright.
  • Understanding IP Rights and protecting IP

IP Rights and IP protection

A key aspect of our advice to technology clients is to assist clients in understanding the legal aspects of the IP assets they own and have created. How to best exploit those rights and protect them is an essential exercise. Exploiting and leveraging rights often means creating contracts such as IP licences, joint venture agreements or contracts relating to private equity investment rounds. Protecting IP may involve formal registration of intellectual property rights such as designs or inventions.

Specifically, we can also help with :-

Trade marks and brand protection

We consider what needs to be registered, how to guard against infringement and how a portfolio should take full advantage of your reputation to provide comprehensive protection and attract investors. We help protect not only the business reputation but also technology-specific assets such as domain names and comparative advertising models.


Whether your business is based in the media or technology industry, we look at how your works are best protected. For technology businesses this often includes works such as software, algorithms, codes or databases. Preserving and defending your company’s right in work done by employees, consultants or freelancers is increasingly an important consideration for start-ups, collaborations and businesses operating in the gig economy.

Our IP businesses Team