Catherine Ramsay



I have spent many years helping privately owned businesses and individuals in the U.K. grow and develop with a focus on share plans and bespoke share planning. The objective is to maximise employee engagement and tax efficiency for both the management and the wider business, particularly gearing up for an exit.  I solve the problems arising over a number of areas such as;

  • How to use equity wisely.  Once shares have been issued it can be tricky and or costly to recall the shares if say the employee or director leaves.  There are ways to stem this risk which I help find.
  • Finding the best approach.  The UK offers one of the most varied ways for employee ownership which come with intricate tax legislation in some cases. I remove layers of research and uncertainty and find the best solution for your business based on your objectives.
  • Implementing equity awards successfully.  To make the ideas behind awarding shares to employees or directors work a simple framework they can understand is needed.  Sadly I have seen the best of intentions fail because of over complication.  Working with the employers we can keep it understandable and build appreciation.
  • Avoiding nightmares when the business is sold.  Resources are scarce and not all businesses keep up with the mountains of compliance. But when you come to sell compliance will rise to the surface and can cause last minute difficulties when there is an exit, change or control or sale of shares to a third party.  I review the background and help put everything in order for sale.


Over my career I have worked in large city law firms and also in a Big 4 accountancy firm.  My breadth of expertise having worked in both the legal and accountancy environments mean that I am well placed to see the full picture within my specialism.

I am a firm believer that aligning your key management and wider workforce to the values and commercial objectives of founders and shareholders should maximise returns all around and eventually secure the best terms on an exit.

Why I love my job

I am a people person at heart and enjoy the interaction I have with clients and developing a trusting and approachable framework to help you achieve your goals.  I like to take a pragmatic and commercial route to share planning and always aim to break things down into plain manageable steps to work with you in achieving your goals.