If you are looking for a law firm who can combine the practicalities of legal documentation, tax and your compliance as a seamless service we could be the fit.  It is taken as read we know the law and can produce clear documents but the extra layer of skill over and above the average is we can also handle tax compliance and any planning needed to put your affairs into the best state to avoid HMRC challenge.

Benefits of working with us

We are a specialist law firm with a strong tax capability made up of solicitors, members of the Chartered Institute for Taxation and the Chartered Institute of Accountants.

  • Many of our clients are referred to us by their accountants for work such as reorganisations and share buy backs as the accountants know this is a specialist area where it is easy to go wrong if not on familiar territory.
  • Our focus is on private companies, their directors and shareholders.
  • The ability of looking at the financial aspects and accounts is a benefit for getting businesses into shape good shape and ready for eventual sale.

Tax Lawyers – our specialist services

Below are some of the common instructions our tax solicitors work on :-

  • tax advice for shareholders
  • tax compliance
  • tax liabilities
  • tax mitigation
  • tax disputes
  • tax aspects of corporate reconstructions and demergers
  • tax schemes of all types
  • property tax
  • efficient group company tax structures

  • The ability to think about tax at the same time as negotiating the share sale contract was a huge benefit.

  • The team secured clearances from HMRC before my transaction completed which provided comfort as I was worried about HMRC demanding tax I was not expecting.