"The combination of legal analysis with in depth knowledge of relevant tax legislation is stand out".

If you are looking for a London law firm who can combine the practicalities of legal documentation, tax and  compliance as a seamless service we could be the fit.  It is taken as read we know the law and can produce clear documents but the extra layer of skill over and above the average is we can also handle tax issues and any planning needed to put your affairs into the best state to avoid HMRC challenge.

We always explore with clients the best and most cost efficient solution for our fees.

Benefits of working with us

We are a specialist law firm with a strong tax capability made up of solicitors, members of the Chartered Institute for Taxation and the Chartered Institute of Accountants.

  • Many of our clients are referred to us by their accountants for work such as business restructuring, reorganisations and share buy backs as the accountants know this is a specialist area where it is easy to go wrong if not on familiar territory.
  • Our focus is on private companies, their directors and shareholders.
  • The ability of looking at the financial aspects and accounts is a benefit for getting businesses into shape good ready for eventual sale.
  • Our international legal and tax connections – in today’s worldwide economy many transactions have international parties and cross border considerations. Our active membership of international legal networks means we are an excellent choice for businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t enjoy working with the biggest law firms or paying their hourly rates.

Tax Lawyers – our specialist services

Below are some of the common instructions our tax solicitors work on:-

Tax issues for shareholders

Business Assets Disposal Relief (entrepreneurs relief), Investors relief, tax on the sale of shares acquired under EIS or SEIS, capital gains tax, tax on deferred consideration and earn outs, income tax issues for employees provided with shares.

  • The team completed 60 share buy back agreements last year obtaining advance clearance from HMRC and dealing with deferred payment terms.

Business restructuring

We scope the steps needed to implement the desired structure with the intention of securing that liabilities to tax do not arise that would be treated as tax neutral if approached correctly. Steps include obtaining HMRC clearance where applicable. We cover filings required at Companies House and the payment of stamp duty.

  • Savings are achieved for our clients as when we come to draft the documentation we understand the steps to be implemented.

Employment taxes and liabilities under IR35

We cover all of the taxes associated with workers, employees, directors, consultants and contractors.  The PAYE regime is particularly pernicious for those who fail to operate tax and national insurance withholding obligations.  We deal  with:

  • We help employers and employees work out the income tax and national insurance liabilities, tax reporting and PAYE obligations.
  • A growing area of demand is in advising contractors and consultants along with their clients the end users on the tax obligations arising under IR35.  We guide on when PAYE applies and when payments can be made by the end user to the contractor or consultant gross of tax and without deduction of PAYE.

Shares and options

Support for employers, directors and employees on the award, exercise and sale of shares.  We cover design and implementation.

  • Expertise in dealing with EMI options, unapproved options and growth shares.
  • Establishing the taxable value of shares in private companies and securing agreement with HMRC.
  • Dealing with the tricky tax reporting obligations to HMRC on the provision of shares to employees and directors.
  • Unravelling problems arising with employee share awards and options during a due diligence process.

Tax disputes

Review and support for tax payers facing challenges made by HMRC.  Particular expertise in resolving tax disputes.

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