Catherine Gannon


Working out how to integrate expertise to produce results for clients is what I do.  I am fascinated by the motives of those prepared to take a risk which any business is. My role is to run a firm which calculates and confines risk.

I am not as grand as to have forgotten that Gannons was a start up once upon a time.


After qualifying in the accountancy profession as a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA), I qualified as a solicitor and gained experience at a major US international law firm before establishing Gannons. With a tax and accountancy as well as a legal background, we offer the rare ability to put the numbers into our solutions.

Particular practice areas relating to tax include:

Professional memberships

  • Solicitor
  • Chartered Tax Advisor
  • Catherine is a regular speaker for the Chartered Institute of Taxation on latest tax and company law developments.

I am a regular commentator on the legal world and its challenges.

Why I love my job

I give back to the economy via job creation, training and taxes. It feels good to know I am actively contributing to Brand GB.  I have learnt much along the way and have been very privileged in working with some industry greats.  I pass their knowledge passed to me onto my team who pass it onto our clients – another great feeling.  What is there not to like?