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We’re exactly the right type of law firm for IP – dynamic, creative, modern and forward thinking lawyers.

Intellectual Property Solicitors

Intellectual property is now a huge part of today’s economy. Clients who need IP lawyers typically expect their lawyers to be fast moving, proactive, flexible, creative and to spot both the commercial opportunities and the risks. We’re exactly that type of law firm – dynamic, modern and forward-thinking.

You can rely on us to protect your interests, plan ahead, get the right contracts and structures in place and where necessary, take action to defend your intellectual property.

Identifying and protecting your IP

Identifying intellectual property rights should be a focus for all businesses, whether you are an entrepreneur, start-up, SME or international organisation. IP is not just for technology startups. All businesses face competition and a good awareness and protection of your IP rights goes a long way towards giving you a competitive advantage and strong brand which you can monetise.

Some IP rights arise automatically but others (and in particular stronger, more easily enforceable forms of protection) need to be registered at the appropriate Registry.

Our IP services

Many smaller businesses are concerned about the costs involved in protecting their IP. Our team is experienced in carrying out IP audits to identify both your rights and your risks. We work with you to determine what your business needs and keep costs to a minimum.

Our services include:

Recent experience

Read about how we have assisted clients and discover more about our approach and experience to solving IP legal and commercial issues for clients :-

Our approach

You won’t find us too formal, abrasive, slow or too painful to deal with. We offer highly specialised IP legal advice to businesses of all types and sizes. So wherever you are in the business life cycle, our lawyers have the skills and commercial know-how to help.

We work with you to progress to the next stage by making full use of your intellectual property assets – and keeping it cost-effective in the process.

Get in contact to discuss how we can help and for information about our intellectual property lawyers, to find out if we are a good match for your business.

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Catherine Gannon

Catherine is an extremely experienced solicitor, having been qualified since 2000, and gives specialist advice on corporate and commercial matters, IP and tax law.