Company director legal advice

It is usually only when things have are about to or have gone wrong that anybody thinks about the role of the director and the director thinks about the repercussions.  At that stage directors often discover there can be financial risk  and claims for them personally.  Years of working with directors from both private and public companies gives us the experience to get behind the problem and start to find solutions.

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Reasons for picking us to work with

Directors in trouble

Legal risks for company directors come in various and growing ways:

Insolvency has also become a much bigger risk for directors. Not only is there the risks of personal liability, wrongful trading and disqualification, the Insolvency Service is now actively investigating directors, having stepped up its surveillance and investigations. Administrators are required to make a report.

The key question to ask is: can you justify your decision? We act as a sounding board.

Internal Investigations – how lawyers can help directors

A director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company – they represent the shareholders. But they are often also employees themselves. What is certain is that allegations have to be taken seriously in the modern world.  Damage limitation in the modern world where damaging comments can spread so easily is an emerging critical area for both directors and the businesses. We will give you a steer.



  • As part of an investment round, our investors wanted director agreements in place. The investors were happy with the agreements produced and expediency of their service.

  • When we faced dismissal of a director we used Gannons and they did the job. Obviously have plenty of experience.