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A share purchase agreement is the key document in a transaction where either all shares in a company are sold or where investors buy some of the shares (in this situation the contract may also be called an investor agreement and may also require an updated or new shareholders agreement and/or company articles of association)

Before the share sale/purchase agreement is signed there will typically be a number of important stages, all of which typically involve negotiation, legal fees, potential pitfalls and  take time. The stages will generally be :-

Key clauses in a share purchase agreement

Each transaction is different. Negotiation is a key aspect which often continues throughout the transaction, even after main terms have been agreed. This is an area where experienced lawyers can make a huge difference . The final agreement is the last stage in a process where pre-contract enquiries and due diligence are key.

Some of the key issues and clauses to consider where the transaction is for the puchase of all the shares in a privately owned company include :-

  • Conditions Precedent – doesn’t apply in all situations but where applicable, means the transaction, to complete, is conditional on things being in place such as tax clearance or regulatory approval.
  • Price  and payment – may be very straightforward but not always. It is quite common for share sale transactions to involve different forms of consideration, such as loan notes and/or payment may be deferred and based on an earn out.
  • Warranties – the seller will generally try to water down or limit warranties which are included in almost all share purchase contracts. Warranties are statements of fact by the seller, which if proven to be incorrect, give the buyer legal rights and remedies. A typical warranty might apply to the accounts being accurate or stating that the seller is unaware of any matter which could lead to a legal dispute.
  • Indemnities – cover specific scenarios where if the scenario occurs the seller will reimburse the buyer fully, such as if a legal dispute arises involving the company post completion relating to a situation which occurred pre-completion. Indeminities provide strong legal protection for a buyer.
  • Payment terms – it is not unusual for part of an agreed purchase price to be deferred, there may be an Earn Out mechanism included.
  • Restrictive covenants – often will require that for a set period of time the seller will remain working in the business and may not work for a competitor or set up a competitive business.
  • Tax issues – often referred to as a tax indemnity or deed, this gives the purchaser protection against tax liabilities that weren’t discovered during due diligence.
  • Disclosure letter – whereby the seller will disclose facts which were not dealt with in due diligence and which the seller does not want to be caught out with in the warranties.
  • Change control – do existing contracts with customers have Change Control provisions which may entitle the customers to cancel if the business changes owners?
  • Completion and post completion –  money transfer and post-completion formalities including director approval, stock transfers and share certificates.

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