We have helped businesses and investors from a wide range of sectors.

Examples of some of our recent work includes:

EIS investment for App developer

We worked with an app developer seeking EIS investment to enable it to become one of the leading providers of download games from the app stores.  EIS status for the business was obtained despite the licence fee income. The business raised £5 million via EIS.

EIS investment for a technology company

We worked with a technology company seeking both UK and US investors.  We structured a deal to offer the EIS investment to the UK investors only.

Further EIS investment rounds

We initially worked with a restaurant business raising investment under the SEIS scheme.  We were then asked to work with them when the time came to raise further investment via the EIS scheme to support their plans for expansion.

Rejected EIS compliance statement

EIS investment compliance statements can be rejected for a variety of reasons.  Examples of causes of rejection include shares being issued on different days and the inclusion of ‘put’ or ‘call’ option clauses in shareholders’ agreements. We advise on how to correct rejected compliance statements and their re-submission.

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