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Partnerships can be set up very informally but where 2 people go into business without setting up a limited company this involves significant legal and financial risks.

In simple terms a Partnership exists where a business is operated by 2 or more people to make profit. There are no formalities required. A carefully considered, practical and well drafted partnership agreement is extremely important with an informal, unlimited liability partnership. The partners wil be jointly and severally liable for partnership debts, 1 partner can potentially legally bind all partners and the partnership can be terminated at will under the Partnership Act 1890.

A comprehesive and clear partnership agreement provides clarity and reduces the chances of an expensive dispute later. We draft, review, negotiate and update partnership agreements and solve problems arising under partnership agreements, advising both partners or partnerships.

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Key terms in a partnership agreement

Bearing in mind the inherent personal financial risks associated with unlimited liability partnerships, it’s essential to have a clear, thorough and practical partnership agreement (typically in the form of a partnership deed) to set out rights, responsibilities, prohibitions and processes to protect all partners.

Key terms to consider and include in a partnership agreement include :

  • Investment into the Partnership –  capital contributions by the partners.
  • Policy on future financial contributions –  how and when the partners may be required to inject additional capital into the partnership
  • Profits and losses – allocating entitlements to profits and contributions towards losses for the partners.
  • Contributions to the Partnership day to day business activities – setting out what each of the parties duties are to contribute towards the partnership and possible restrictions on carrying out other work whilst a partner.
  • Decision making rights and process – how decisions are to be made about key areas such as borrowing, employing staff, entering into contracts and limits on authority such as bank mandates.
  • Exit – what happens if a partner leaves including good leaver, bad leaver, financial balances due or owed and post departure restrictions such as non-poaching and/or competition.
  • New partners – Policy on expanding the partnership and process for agreement as to whether a prospective new partner can join.
  • Dispute Resolution mechanism
  • Illness, death or insolvency – what happens if a partner falls ill, dies, becomes insolvent or subject to criminal proceedings or brings the partnership into serious disrepute.
  • Cross indemnities – whereby if not all partners are pursued or equally pursued in terms of amount paid  to the creditor, for a partnership debt based on joint and several liability, any partners who have paid more towards the debt are indemnified by the others so that the position is equalised.

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