Jeremy Scholl

Chartered Accountant

I have practised as a chartered accountant for more years than I care to remember.  But, my experience has given me the essential business skills to help my clients trade successfully.  I focus on privately owned businesses where the interests of the owners are intertwined with the business – I see issues from both angles to provide a solid solution which is joined up.

I understand how the finances and accounts of any business impact legal and tax decisions.   I know that the skills I bring are rarely offered by other boutique law firms but they do give the legal advice offered by Gannons a genuine edge.  In many other firms clients are told to go away and speak to their accountants.  This is not good for a client if it creates a crack which leads to over sights.


My expertise includes but is not limited to:

HMRC investigations

Most of my work revolves around how to avoid an investigation.  However, if a transaction is challenged I work with clients and deal with HMRC.  My remit is to secure the best possible out come which will of course vary depending upon the circumstances.

Private company share valuations

I prepare valuations for a variety of circumstances ranging from valuations of shares for tax purposes on a fiscal basis to commercial valuations used for sale and acquisitions.

Tax planning

The UK is actually a tax haven although not many realise that.  I work with businesses operating via the UK looking after the corporate aspects and the personal aspects of the directors and shareholders.   I advise on transactions such as de-mergers, spin offs, hive ups and hive downs and other deals where the tax structure is critical to the resultant tax liabilities.

Analysis of the accounting treatment

I am involved with many of the transactions handled by the firm to add depth to matters such as the likely cost of indemnities and warranties.

Professional qualifications

Chartered Accountant and principal of Jeremy Scholl & Co, Chartered Accountants. (I am engaged via my firm and am not a partner in Gannons).

Why I love my job

I am given the honour of building on-going relationships with clients and help their businesses flourish. The firm is dynamic and straight talking which is a breath of fresh air for lawyers.   The success of the firm brings a steady flow of very interesting work.  I enjoy the blend of the legal analysis, tax advice and putting it into commercial reality.

The close and overlapping relationship that accountancy and law enjoy is now long established. Legal issues seldom arise in isolation to their financial and taxation counterparts, and the desire to achieve real commercial solutions through the collaboration of the two disciplines works well.

Jeremy's Insights