We handle a range of joint venture arrangements from complex joint venture agreements involving substantial investment and multiple parties through to smaller investments.

Examples of our recent instructions include:

Joint venture centring intellectual property

The review of a joint venture agreement between a commercial services business and a software house developing specialist applications for the business with the view to re-sale into other commercial services businesses on a joint basis to fund the development. The focus was on ownership of the intellectual property created, securing licence arrangements and management of the sales channel.

Shareholders’ Agreement and bespoke article for joint venture parties

Drafting the articles of association and shareholders’ agreement for a joint venture between a large financial institution and a small business that had a patent the financial institution wanted to exploit. The joint venture agreement required service level agreements for the use of the financial institution’s trading platforms. The shareholders’ agreement dealt with debt financing convertible into shares at the election of the financial institution.

Advising on commercial contracts under a joint venture arrangement

Working on a joint venture involving a US bank, a European venture capitalist and a specialist UK business dealing with the provision of marketing financial services. We were acting for the UK business and the focus was on agreeing the service level agreements for the provision of services to the joint venture business and establishing the arrangements for holding of equity and flow down of profits.

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