Changing employment contract terms

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We work with employers to successfully help them avoid employment law claims following any changes to their employment contracts. Often changes are for the benefit of the business, but if not handled properly, the employees can make employment law claims. We work to avoid such situations. Some of our recent cases include:

Replaced contractual bonus entitlement

Gannons altered a senior executive’s employment contract and guided the employer through the process. The employer successfully replaced their contractual bonus entitlement with a separate discretionary scheme.

Reversed contract changed by conduct

We re-negotiated an employee’s employment contract. The original contract permitted the employee to work from home one day a week. The employee gradually increased this to every day. This continued for over a year.

The employer had unwittingly accepted the employee’s conduct. Thus, the employer accepted a change to the employee’s employment contract. We enabled our client to renegotiate and execute a new employment contract, that limited working from home.

Harmonisation following a TUPE transfer of staff

We worked with a technology company who had recently bought a smaller business for the talent and technology it owned. The employer wanted the new employees to be on the same terms as its existing employees. In addition, the employer wanted to update the post termination anti-competition clauses to fit in with the strategy of the larger combined business. We took the client through the minefield of TUPE to allow it to introduce the desired changes for its recently acquired new employees.