Last year our lawyers drafted, advised on and negotiated nearly 400 contracts for clients.

Business contract solicitors

Having the right contracts for your business is essential to protect your commercial  interests and provide certainty. Equally important is to ensure you understand your contracts, that they are practical and that legal advice or drafting is cost effective and proportionate, meeting your commercial objectives.

Legal competence may, rightly or wrongly, be taken as expected. Our clients tell us they instruct our lawyers to draft, negotiate and advise on contracts because we focus on the commercial aspects and costs as well as the legal technicalities.

We are always happy to discuss your queries and provide a scope and fee estimate for whatever you need from review of an existing contact to drafting a new commercial contract. So, please do get in touch.

Track record with commercial contracts

  • Our lawyers are highly experienced in review, drafting and negotiation of contracts.
  • Experience extends to a variety of commercial contracts including service agreements, business terms and conditions, IP contracts, partnership agreements, agency agreements and the specialist agreements used in sectors such as the creative sector.
  • Many of our clients have moved to us from larger firms for better value for money.

Key terms in contracts

Contracts will tend to be a combination of boiler plate or template clauses where lawyers will negotiate over small, but often highly significant legally, adjustments together with schedules, specifications or appendices where detail is paramount. The performance obligations should be suitable for your side of the business agreement. It is easy with everything else going on to overlook:

  • Who is to do what?;
  • Where, how and when will the contract be performed?;
  • Timescales;
  • When will payment be made;
  • What happens if payment is late or not made?
  • How will disagreement  be dealt with to avoid court?

We find out what your bargaining position is and respond accordingly.  A good contract takes into consideration future obligations and provides for the changing nature of business.

Buyer beware

A basic rule of UK commercial law is buyer beware. Parties to a business agreement are expected to know what they are negotiating and to understand the implications of the contract. We can deal with concerns.

What was the intention of the parties?

When interpreting a particular term or obligation in a business agreement, the starting point is to ask contractual parties what their intention was. The next step is to interpret in accordance with conventional use and to review in the backdrop of the whole business agreement. This requires not only an understanding on rules on legal interpretation, but also commercial knowledge to draft or argue either way – this is where we assist.

Contract lawyers in London

If you’re looking for the reassurance of instructing truly specialist commercial lawyers but the cost of instructing the biggest City law firms is disproportionate or you don’t like their approach, we are the firm for you.

We can draft and advise on the full range of commercial contracts from sme terms and conditions, to highly complex commercial agreements where the other party is a much larger business using the big law firms. Those firms know us and respect us as commercial contract specialists.

Let us take it from here.

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